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In a magical world, where imagination gives you power...get ready to explore...


Deborah collaborates with her own children, Asher & Railla, to create free-spirited and whimsical storybooks for kids.  Together with colorful illustrations and an uplifting purpose...they're sure to be a favorite in your little one's library!


Explore & enjoy the "MasterMinds Story Series".  A program Deborah created for her Masters Class (5th & 6th graders) of their local Classical Conversations Home School Co-op.

This endeavor encourages her students to write.  Deb then helps them edit and develop their stories into books...ultimately making them published authors!  Look for more wonderful children's stories to come just in time for Christmas, 2016!


Deb's daughter, Railla publishes her first 
"MasterMinds Story Series" Children's Book... 
"KitKat and the Pesky Puppy"
an Interactive Storybook that follows 
the antics of KitKat as her family gets a new puppy!



Followed by...
A beautiful tale by Amanda Millican...

"Sally's Joy"

Other exciting adventures to explore...

“Humphrey, the Hump-free Camel”


“Lost Frog”


“What if the World were

Upside Down?"


In the summer of 2018, Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer and positive for the BRCA cancer gene.  Although caught early...thanks to a routine mammogram, what followed was many long months of treatments, surgeries and radiation. 


The journey was long, hard and painful, with little time or energy left 

for something she enjoyed SO much...writing.  


As of today, all things are well (Praise God!) and she is endeavoring to complete a new book as soon as the Lord blesses her with the words...


She is grateful to her family, all of her caregivers and those 

who prayed for her restored health.  You are ALL such a blessing!

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